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Top Must-Have Features in A Modern Car

With more than 300 different car with different features available, it is overwhelming to choose a car. When you are buying a car, factors such price, quality, and reliability have to be considered. However, it also essential to check what features the machine has. Passengers and drivers are going to get comfort, ease, and be safe because of the different features that a car has.

Airbag is an important feature that every car should have. In case there is a collision, a crash sensor activate the airbag. On activation, the airbag quickly inflate; this prevents the driver and people on board from hitting the steering wheel, windshield, and dashboard. To keep safe from impact originating from the side, consider a car with side airbags. It is essential to note that airbag is not a necessary feature, but it is recommended.

Just like the front windshield the back window get fogged. For most of the vehicles that you will find on the market, they do not have a defogger for the rear window. For the excellent visibility, it is recommended that you choose a car with rear window defogger. That is vital because it reduces any safety risk caused by poor visibility.

Buying a car with a GPS navigation system can pinpoint your exact location. When you are driving in a place that you are not conversant with, the system can give you a turn-by-turn. Besides, this GPS navigation system provides you with direction to the nearest gas station, hotel, hospital, and police station. They are beneficial because they can steer you out of traffic and bad neighborhood.

The electronic skid control system can determine what the vehicle is doing by integrating the information from the accelerometer, antilock brake sensor, and pedal sensor. The ESC can do what no driver can do in the case it detects that there is no match between the sensors. Based on the requirements of the vehicle, the ESC system can reduce power and also apply brakes. That ensure that the vehicle keeps on moving as the driver keep thinking the way out.

It is vital to ensure that your vehicle has keyless entry system. With this feature, it is quickly to unlock or lock your vehicle using a remote. You can quickly get into your car especially in poorly lit places. The remove has a panic option where you can honk the horn or flash the light.

Modern cars also have an antilock braking system. This premium feature is necessary because it prevents locking of the wheels after emergency braking. You could only find these features in a luxury car. Most of the vehicles today contain the safety and comfort features. Jeep Grand Cherokee includes the best features; you can find it on sale at various outlets in South Jersey.

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